Breeze through the working day

Ulrich Bernold, also known as «Grill Ueli», is a big fan of kybun shoes. Grill Ueli owns a gourmet butcher shop in the Glattzentrum shopping centre in Wallisellen, Switzerland. He no longer has tired legs and still feels fit in the evening, all thanks to the air cushion shoes.

kybun shoes fulfil the requirements of the food sector. The soles are abrasion and water resistant, prevent accidents in the workplace. The foot climate system ensures optimal moisture and temperature regulation. Why not try out the comfortable and functional kybun shoe for yourself?

Many shopworkers suffer from health problems such as aching feet, tension and back pain.

This is mainly caused by long working hours with long periods of standing, heavy lifting and putting strain on one side of the body.

kybun shoes promote well-being in the workplace. The walk-on-air sole of the kybun shoe provides optimal shock absorption and noticeably reduces the stress on the body. This allows you to float through your work day on the soft, bouncy air cushion.

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