Top footballers train using the kybun method

The kyBounder mat, kyBoot shoes and the kyTrainer are ideal training devices for working on acceleration speed, flexibility, jumping power and coordination. That’s why numerous renowned football clubs use various kybun products during their training sessions. For example, kybun mechanotherapy is used by German sports clubs HSV, Swiss sporting club BSC Young Boys and at St. Gallen Football Club. Both amateur and professional athletes can benefit from this intensive training method.

Training with kybun products optimises performance, allows the body to regenerate faster and accelerates the healing process after injuries. kybun training activates the deep inner muscles. This makes it effective in preventing injuries.

Michael Lindemann is a conditioning coach at HSV and particularly values the kyBounder for acute intramuscular training. He combines this training with movement patterns specific to football. Roger Krähenbühl, head physiotherapist at BSC Young Boys, has also been successfully applying the kybun method. “The kyBounder and the kyTrainer allow me to create an individual training programme for each player. Training on the micro-interval treadmill increases fitness.”

Both active and former professional footballers like Timo Konietzka use the kyBounder and kyBoot shoes to stay fit. The former German star uses kybun products every day to keep fit. “This is how you can make training fun! I walk on the kyBounder when I’m watching TV and manage to clock up a few kilometres every day. And kyBoot shoes are now the only shoes I ever wear. I wear them for jogging, walking or just socialising.” Timo Konietzka († 73) remained fit, healthy and cheerful even as he became more advanced in years.

kybun makes you a winner

An increasing number of sports clubs and athletes are discovering the benefits of the kybun philosophy for sport.
Here is an overview of the club that train and recover with kybun products:

Sports clubs
FC St Gallen (stadium sponsor), Grasshopper Club Zürich, BSC Young Boys, Bern, FC Basel, FC Rapperswil-Jona and FC Thun.

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