World of walk-on-air: Natural walking experience


kybun AG, based in Sennwald, Switzerland, has put together a special kind of walking course that allows you to discover how to walk with a natural gait and posture for free.

Swiss shoes have been manufactured in the Sennwald industrial area for many years. But these are no ordinary shoes; they are kyBoot brand shoes that feature an air-cushion sole that is unlike any other sole in the world.

Handcrafted in Sennwald
Karl Müller and his team developed a completely new, special kind of shoe. A team of in-house and external specialists collaborated to design the shoe models, of which almost a million units have been sold to date. Over 20 employees meticulously produce around 250 pairs of this air-cushion shoe in Sennwald every day – largely by hand.

Healthy walking experience
Karl Müller is the inventor of these special shoes, made in Sennwald. He and his managing directors have the ambitious aim of “enabling people – even those who are at an advanced age – to walk without pain their entire lives”. Those who wear kyBoot shoes are able to walk with a natural gait on soft, springy air-cushion soles, protecting their joints. “Walking can involve a great risk of causing pain in the musculoskeletal system,” says Müller. This pain is due to the damage caused by the impact of walking ‘incorrectly’ on hard surfaces or by sitting for long periods of time. 

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