Dancing without pain in spite of a nerve inflammation in the forefoot


Daniela Bäder, who works as a dance teacher in Graubünden, Switzerland, suffers from Morton’s neuroma, a nerve inflammation in her foot.

She was in constant pain for a very long time, and it seemed like having an operation was the only way to relieve her symptoms. But the 52-year-old Chur-native is now free of pain and can teach her dance pupils full of joy – even without an operation! It was an air-cushion shoe that made it possible for her to walk again without pain. She initially doubted whether the shoe was suitable for dancing, but now she is fully convinced that it is up to the task. The kybun shoe is now her constant companion. She wears it when she dances or goes hiking and even wears it at home like a slipper. Daniela Bäder is so happy that she no longer feels pain even without having an operation. This is why she encourages other people who suffer from pain to try out the air-cushion shoe and, in the best case scenario, also avoid an operation.