Arthritis pain has been miraculously eliminated


Remo Pedron used to suffer from severe pain in his toes due to arthritis. He tried out various treatments to overcome this pain, but he never managed to find a solution that worked until he came across the kybun shoe by chance.

One day, the pensioner was waiting for his wife, who was collecting her medicine from a chemist’s shop. As he was waiting, a pair of air-cushion shoes on display caught his interest. It was clear to him as soon as he tried them on that the soft-elastic sole would help him in his daily life. Now he no longer feels the arthritis pain in his toe joints. He attributes this miraculous recovery to the special design of the shoes. Remo Pedron can now no longer needs medicine of any kind. He exercises every day by going on walks in nature, wearing the kybun shoe. Living an active lifestyle is particularly important for him, since he suffered a heart attack some time ago. The pain used to be too much for him to handle in the past. But going on walks is possible once again, thanks to the kybun shoes.